Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again...

Every year, following the tradition of my mother, I purchase Christmas cards to send to family and close friends. This year, I bought two boxes while browsing through Barnes and Noble. The cards are beautiful renditions of Thomas Kincaide.

They've been sitting on my desk for three days now. I stare at them and know I must make time to sign and address them. I vow to mail them early this year so they will be received before Christmas.

Let's see--there are twenty two days left. It will take me at least two days to get them ready. I have to stand in line at the post office and purchase Christmas stamps. I have to work every day and have only my lunch hours free...but I don't want to work on Christmas cards at lunch. That would be stressful. I need to unstress by reading. That leaves the evenings. But then I have to cook dinner, clean up, exercise, do some writing...hmmm. What about the weekends?

I have to grocery shop and clean house on Saturday in preparation for a writer's group meeting at my house on Sunday after church. Ah, the following weekend...nope. That's reserved for our family get-together. And then...Oops the last weekend before Christmas. If I mail the cards on the 22nd they probably won't arrive before Christmas...again.

Why do I put myself through all this stress? Ah, but the cards are so beautiful...

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