Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Tree Trimming...for cats...

It's that time of year again when we put up our artificial tree, spend hours arranging the lights, adding the ornaments, ribbons, and birds...

Yep, this is the year of the "red" Christmas tree. The tree with the red poinsettias, and red cardinals. Two years ago, the cats managed to practically destroy the tree by climbing and laying on the branches, snatching the poinsettias and birds and batting the red satin balls around the floor. Once, they knocked the entire tree over. By the time Christmas morning arrived, both the tree and I were bedraggled and wishing it was New Year's.

This year, the cats are two years older, so I'm hoping for the best. So far, I've only had to replace a few of the satin balls after hearing them hit the floor and go rolling...with a cat in hot pursuit.

The entire bottom of the tree has no ornaments at all, but this hasn't discouraged the cats from going after their prey. So far, they haven't attempted climbing the tree...thankfully, for the cardinals are resting in the highest branches. But, who knows. Tomorrow I may come home from work and find that beautiful tree...destroyed.

Ho, ho, ho!!

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