Friday, December 05, 2008

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

My friend and I walk on our breaks at work. We bundle up and laugh at the cold, biting air. Tears escape from the bite of the wind and run down my cheeks, but when we're finished I feel so renewed.

Today, I was pretty well chained to my desk except for those two breaks. When I went to the ladies room, I did what needed to be done, washed my hands and escaped back to my desk.

Late this afternoon, while making a bathroom trip, I looked up and caught sight of my reflection...and the black smudged below and beside my eyes, trails coursing down one cheek. Egads! And no one had told me!

Now, I imagine all the men thought I was in my office all day crying. **sigh** I wonder if I can milk this and get some sympathy gifts? I mean, after all, Christmas is coming.

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