Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making Decisions

In December, I started my inspirational blog, but I've found that it is too much to keep up that, plus this blog, plus three other group blogs. Usually, I find it hard to admit when I can't do something...but this is my year to learn to say no--especially when I'm saying no to myself!

Here's what I've taken on this year:

President of my local RWA chapter
Secretary of my local ACFW chapter
Blogging on three group blogs
Writing four newsletters, including four free reads
Promoting on yahoo reader loops
Writing four writing articles
Attending RWA Conference
Attending COFW Workshop
Attending COFW Conference
Attending two Alpha Bible Studies per month
Participating in 11 Powerdraft writing weeks
Writing 3 pages per day on manuscript
Exercise 30 minutes daily

In addition to working 8 hours per day, cooking, cleaning, and squeezing in some reading time.

Yep, I'm going to be very busy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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