Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

People in Ohio know two things: The weatherman is never right, and if you like the weather today, just wait until tomorrow.

We had a prediction of two to four inches of snow. That usually means an inch or less accumulation. So, I didn't wear boots to work. Well, the weatherman was wrong. We actually had five inches of snow by the time I left work, and another inch in the last couple of hours. Supposedly the worst is far as snow.

Actually, it is beautiful. I love to look at the scenery when everything is covered with white snow. But, the worst is coming. The temps are dropping and heading down close to zero and with the winds predicted...the wind chill will be well below zero, around negative fifteen.

But, we'll have to see which way the weatherman errs. I'm hoping they are predicting much lower than we'll actually have.

Okay, off to check cancellations.

Stay warm, and thanks for stopping by!

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