Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Great Resource for Fiction Writers

In order to make this next book I'm working on be THE BEST ONE, I wanted to ensure that I did a better job with plotting. I googled plotting and stumbled across this great resource for writers that I thought I'd share with you. Not only is it a great site for writers, but also for readers and anyone interested in books. The links are at the top of the page for Writers, Readers, and lots more. But while you are there, why not take her test to learn your writing strengths and weaknesses?

I'm going to try her Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressure method. If you check it out, let me know what you think!

PERSONALThe shower is unusable shower. Hubby is putting the frame around the window. Yeah, our house is one that still has a window in the tub/shower. Worst part is it faces the front of the house. I've sprayed some stuff that makes the window look like it has been sitting on a vacant cabin for 100 years gathering dirt and cobwebs. I still have to find a way to cover that window. No one makes window shower curtains any longer. Guess I'll buy a shower liner and make my own.

I'm doing well on my blood sugar "diet" regime. I'm adding more complex carbs and cutting down on both sodium and sugar. Been doing well with staying within my diet foot counts. I've been exercising five days a week, usually walking on the treadmill while I watch an evening show. I'm giving myself the weekends off on the exercising though. Too much to do. But, I did learn that vacuuming for a half hour burns more calories than walking. How about that!

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