Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad Hair Day

I'm having a bad hair day. One of those days where I wish my hair was longer. I'm stuck in the "in between" stage.

That happens to me a lot with writing, too. It can happen especially during the "dreaded middle," but also during scenes. I have a tendency to move along with the story--quick action, fast reaction. Move on to the next. And so on. When I'm emotionally charged and finish that scene, I print it out, read it is good stuff...but not enough. That's when editing comes into play. For many editing means changing or cutting. For me, it's adding. Adding description, internal reaction, and more showing.

So, I have to compare editing to having a bad hair day. I need length on my hair, and I need to add length and body to my writing.

Stop by tomorrow when I'll have another "live" interview in the Blog Studio with author Pamela Thibodeaux.

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