Friday, March 13, 2009

Climb from the Cellar...

Today I'd like to promote a new book which I just received. The author? Wayne Lobdell, my husband's cousin. The title "Climb from the Cellar, A memoir" is very telling of what you'll find between the covers. Wayne contacted me months ago to tell me he was in the process of writing his memoir. His goal was to document his life and how he anyone can realize the American dream if they are willing to work for it. He asked me to be a reader and to give him a quote for promotion. I'm proud to do so.

Whenever we, hubby and I, travel to Michigan we like to visit "the cousins". For me, it's fun to listen to them talk about their days on the farm, the adventures, the trials and struggles. Through it all, you can hear the love and loyalty that many families lack. I'm looking forward to reading this book and stepping back in time. I hope you will be intrigued enough to purchase it, too.

Here's the back page blurb:

Wayne Lobdell views himself as a very lucky guy. He was born in a basement apartment, grew up in the humble environment of a little farm and survived a move to the hood when his father became ill. The inspiring example of his father's hard work and meeting the special person in his life in junior high pointed him on a path to finding his way to a better life.

Wayne's recollection of his childhood years on the farm with his brothers is intriguingly revealing of fifties life on a little farm; adventurous, amusing and sometimes sad. They were educated in a one room school of thirty students from K through eighth grade under the tutelage of a militant teacher who pegged them at the bottom of the country's social hierarchy. The brothers faced culture shock when circumstances forced them to move on to city life where caring but uneducated and naive parents left the boys dangerously exposed to life's choices of good and evil.

Two of the brothers chose a difficult path; a frequently dark path that led them each to a challenged life, disappointment and misfortune. Although Wayne experienced some temporary darkenss as well, he found his way to the American dream; a wonderful family, success in business, contentment and the ability to give back to his community.

The ISBN for the book is: 9787770050763. The best part about the book is that not only will you be entertained and inspired, but all the proceeds are being donated to The Boys and Girls Club of America.

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