Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes a Swan is Just a Duck

You may be looking at a beautiful white bird floating gracefully across the water and think it's a swan, but it might be just a duck. I don't think I would be able to convince my mother of that though.

I was chatting with her yesterday afternoon about her move here and we discussed whether or not to have her use the extra television we have or to bring one of her much more used televisions here instead. During the conversation, she began talking about digital cable (which she currently has) and different channels. I told her she'd be able to watch all her favorite shows through our digital cable. Then she started talking about having HD on her television set. Um, no...she doesn't have a HD TV. The cable company did put a "black box" on her set so she could get the digital stations on it without having a converter and now she's convinced she is watching her news in HD. Those faces, says she, seem like they are just coming right out at you. the corner of the screen it says HD. I tried to explain that they are broadcasting in HD, but that you have to have the HD television and tune it up to the higher band station to receive the actual HD...and that the HD she is seeing is just notifying that the station is broadcasting in HD. But, nope, according to her, she's getting free HD.

Ooooookaaaaay. If she thinks so, then I'll never be able to convince her otherwise. And I'll just bet she can see the sun come up in the west, too. Gotta love her!

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