Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Feet

I purchased a new pair of walking shoes. They are supposed to help circulation and balance. If you've never seen these, check out an Avon book. That's where I found them--in the Curves for Women section. They are strrrraaaaange looking shoes, and they felt weird when I first put them on.

Whoa! You know those exercise balls that you have to balance on...or fall off of in my case? Well, these shoes made me feel like I was standing on one of those balls. I can roll back on my heels and then forward on my toes. Look at me! Back and forth, back and forth. I felt like I was on one of those rocking horses for kids. Woo hoo!

Then I tried to walk. Uh-huh. Now I felt like I had rocking chair rockers attached to the bottom of my feet. My gait was kind of: step, roll; step, roll. I can only imagine what those workers at the new Fed Ex building next door thought. My hubby says I have a very noticable gait. Supposedly, my head bobs up and down when I stroll. Okay, so what was it doing now? I know with these THICK soles I'm at least two inches taller. Hey! That's a long way to fall.

But soon I had the rhythm. Now all I need is some music to complete my "Happy Feet."

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