Monday, April 13, 2009

Honey...Where Did I Put...

Hubby is so amusing. He found an article on Saturday about one of his favorite little restaurants closing. I happened to be downstairs on my computer when he came running in to tell me about it. Fifteen minutes later I was in the bathroom applying makeup and getting ready to meet a friend for lunch when he came back downstairs and asked, "Where did I put that paper?"

"Um, what paper?"

"The one with the article in it about Nancy's Restaurant."

Now, I've been known to guess a few times and be right about things, but I didn't have a clue where to start with this one. Sometimes hubby will look right at something in the cabinet and ask where it is. I reach inside, put it in his hand, and he looks at me like I'm a genius.

This time, I didn't have time to retrace his steps and find that article. I knew he didn't bring it into my office earlier or he would have read the article to me. (Save me from the readings of Dear Abby, please.) I headed off to my lunch and when I returned, he read me the entire article. Where did he find it?

I didn't ask. He might have forgotten that he had even misplaced it and that conversation would have gone nowhere.

Life--ya gotta live and love it. Even the amusing little anecdotes.

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