Friday, May 01, 2009

Ghost? Squirrel? Mouse?...gasp...Cat!!!!

Those who know me know I live with three very entertaining cats named Wilbur, Templeton, and Charlotte. Templeton is usually the one who is doing weird when he stuck his head into a plastic bag to see what DH had purchased. In doing so he had stepped through the holes that make handles. Yep. The bag got stuck, the cat ran faster than a greyhound with hubby in pursuit. That was amusing.

Last night I carried my book to bed and while I was reading I heard a noise that sounded like one of the cats trying to open the closet door. Finally, annoyed, I got up and searched the closets. No cat. Strange. I crept back to bed and lay there, ears tuned to hear the noise again. Kind of creepy. Then I thought it might have come from the desk under the window. Got out of bed and flipped on the overhead light. Made a search. Nothing. Hmmmm. Checked the window to make sure no ghost was tapping on the window. That's a good sign. Then I looked up at the ceiling. Could a squirrel have gotten into the attic? No, the noise wasn't that far up. But...a mouse? Could a mouse be hiding in one of the closets? Would a mouse dare to come into a house where three cats reside? Well, maybe since my cats would probably just play with it. They don't have front claws so I doubt they would do much damage. Great! Now I had to go to bed and worry about a mouse being loose in the house. I walked out into the living room and saw Wilbur and Templeton snoozing around the stair railing. No big deal that Charlotte was nowhere in sight. She likes to hide.

Crawled back into bed with my book. No more sounds. Turned out the light and finally fell asleep. When the alarm went off at five, I turned it off and decided to snooze in for a few more minutes. But then...I heard that noise again.

I sat straight up in bed. Then I heard a soft pitiful "meow." I recognized Charlotte's voice so I called her. She replied from the same area where I'd heard that scratching noise last night. I walked to the far end of the bedroom and stared at the four drawer chest. I remembered having the second drawer from the top open last night when I pulled out a pair of jeans to wear today. The drawer had been open and I tried to shut it. Had to wiggle it to get it in right. Had Charlotte been in that drawer? Quickly I opened the cat. Whew!

So I called her again and she answered. From the dresser. I opened the drawer again. No cat. So I pulled it all the way out and there she was in the drawer below near the back. Poor baby!

She didn't seem any worse for having spent the night locked in a drawer. In fact, she came out purring and acted like it was an every night occurrence.

Wish I'd thought to take a picture!

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