Friday, July 31, 2009

Labor Day...Wedding Day...Egads, What's a Gal to Do?

My son is getting married on September 5th. Guess where? In our yard! We talked about having it in the back yard and then later changed it to the front yard. Now, at this point, I'm thinking we might have around 40 people. In order to pull this off, all the guests will be standing in our yard. One thing I've refused to do is spend money to rent chairs for a 10 minute service (especially since this is a third marriage for both of them). Here are the problems I foresee:

Birds--I love them, but what if a bird drops something unwanted onto a guest?

Squirrels--They're cute. Hubby hates them. What if they drop something unwanted, like a prize nut, on a guest?

Cats--Yes, known as the crazy cat lady, we have thirteen semi-feral cats to care for. They like to know what's happening. And, worse, they like to use our flower beds for their litter box. What if one drops something "stinky" just before the wedding?

Spiders--I see the webs along the bricks lining the flower garden. Creepy, I tell ya. I do not do spiders. What if one decides to pop out suddenly and I scream during a crucial part of the wedding?

Rain--What do we do in case of rain? My house does not have a room big enough to house a wedding with 40 guests.

Oh, I could go on and on, but I do have to go to work.

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