Monday, August 03, 2009

Is it...Real????

I had a wonderful time in Port Clinton at The Book Exchange this Saturday. Annette Fitzgerald, owner of the bookstore, is so gracious to the authors who come in to do signings. The store is uniquely set up with lots of nooks and crannies crammed with books of every genre, both new and used. Her entire family is part of the venture. Her children made sure I had everything I needed, always checking to see if I needed something to drink or eat.

Whenever I do a signing, I always take my breathing cat (purchased from Hallmark). She is a tabby cat, curled up sleeping. Batteries make her breathe. So, people will walk by, look, decide it isn't real...and then see it breathe! Funny the different reactions. But, Annette's youngest daughter fell in love with my cat. She would stand and talk to me all the time petting the cat as if it was real. What a soft heart this young lady has.

If you ever get to Port Clinton, don't miss a chance to stop by The Book Exchange!

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