Friday, July 24, 2009

The Sky Has Fallen!!

I'm sitting her looking through my window and I can barely see the house across the street. This is the thickest fog that ever settled in my neighborhood. I've driven through heavy fog, but never walked in it. So, I'm looking forward to something new this morning.

What I'd like to do is stay home and write. There's something so mysterious about fog. Things beyond your eyesight that could conjure up frightening scenarios. This to me is reminiscent of Stephen King's "The Mist." I could write about something happy. A woman hurrying to catch a bus runs into a handsome stranger and it's love at first sight. Or I could write a children's story about a little kitten who gets separated from her mommy and goes on an adventure with other animals to find her way back home. There are so many possiblities!

Too bad I have to go to the dreaded day job and sit in a windowless office which stifles my creativity.

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