Thursday, July 23, 2009

Having a Fat Day...

I must start listening to my hypnotherapy CD. I've slipped and now I crave Mexican food, burgers, sweets, and...I love food. I love food, but I let it control me instead of the other way around. Promising myself that I will get back on track. Writing it down helps to seal it into my mental to do list.

Not looking forward to sitting in a five hour meeting with senior managers today. The room we meet in is long and narrow, with an 18 foot oval table, 16 high back leather chairs, and hot! Imagine all that male testosterone sinking into the leather. The smell is atrocious. Not a good combination and me with a sinus headache to boot.

I just can't wait until the day I can walk away from the dreaded day job. Hey! That will help with my food fetish, too. We won't be able to go out to eat very often if I'm not bringing in the extra paycheck. Now if I can only convince hubby of that...

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