Monday, July 20, 2009

Sometimes I Scare Myself...

Driving alone back home from Nationals, I didn't turn on the radio or play any CDs. Just me, the hum of the tires on the road, and characters and scenes playing through my mind. Kind of scary, huh?

Not for a writer. In fact, I plotted an entire book from opening scene to end. What an experience!

Interviewers often ask if I need certain music or sounds to "set the mood" when I write. Actually, I brainstorm best in complete silence. Well, no interruptions anyway. I need some "white noise" to keep the ordinary sounds from intruding. Usually I play a Creative Minds cd at home, but that's when I'm actually writing. I find I do my best brainstorming when I'm in the car. for instance, the story I wrote for Cup of Comfort came to me when I was driving on my lunch hour.

I guess the next time I get "stuck," I'll have to get in my car and drive around.

Thursday, I'll be interviewing with Joan Bryden with Port Clinton Radio host for "Food for Thought". August 1st, I'll be attending a booksigning at The Book Exchange in Port Clinton, and the authors are being promoted by the local radio station. The interview will air on Friday. I'm very nervous! The book I'll be signing is JOSHUA'S HOPE, so if you are in the area, stop by and see me! I'll be giving away hand crocheted cross bookmarks with each book purchase. HOpe to see some familiar faces there. It should be fun as there is a car and truck show benefit for cancer going on at the same time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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