Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've Loved You Longer...

Last night I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday, um, anniversary. He's been having anniversaries of his birthday since he turned 39!

Our conversations usually go something like this:

My brother: "No matter how old I get, you'll always be older."

Me: "Maybe, but I have more hair than you."

"Yeah, but you're older than me."

"I might be older, but I don't have as many wrinkles."

"That's because you don't laugh as much as me."

"You're stepping on my last nerve."

"Then I must be doing something right."

"I have to go. Just wanted to wish you a happy anniversary of your birthday. I love you."

"I've loved you longer. I've loved you my whole life."

"I loved you when you were cooking in the oven."

"I loved you back then and couldn't wait to get out and kiss my older sister. So, I've always loved you longer and I'll never be as OLD as you."

**sigh** Why do I even try?

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