Monday, August 17, 2009

What Does A Writer's Desk Look Like?

My writer's desk is a piled up stash of magazines, printouts of important emails, camera, flash drives, pens, stapler, receipts, three-hole punch, tissues, calendar, plastic bag of crocheted crosses, nail polish, 2 calculators, cd's, tube of arthritis cream, speakers, small cat figurine, the last teddy bear my dad gave me, pics of the family, a jar of hard candy, my telephone, an empty glass...and probably a lot more buried and unseen. How does my desk get this cluttered?

Tonight I must clean it off. I can't write with all the clutter surrounding me. Time for an overhaul. Once I had a tiny desk. I thought the reason it got cluttered was due to the size. So, I bought a bigger desk. And now it looks just as cluttered as the small one. I might be tempted to get another bigger than the bigger desk, but I know it wouldn't fit.

This morning, my mind feels just as cluttered as my desk. Way too many scenes fluttering around. If only I could stay home and clear my desk and write these scenes...but, my day job is calling.


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And the winner is--Carol Thompson.

Carol watch your email for a certificate coming your way later today. Congratulations!

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D.D. Scott said...

Morning, Carol Ann!

My desk is one of the keys to reining in my creative divas and upping my page counts!

I used to have a cluttered danger zone (just like you've described your writing cave). But thanks to a little feng shui from an online class I took by Harlequin Blaze author Tawny Weber, my "writing boutique" feeds my muses with gusto!

I'll be talking about this very topic as part of my Muse Therapy online classes and live workshops. I'd love to see you "in therapy"...LOL! Check-out my website for details...

Sexy, Sassy, Smart Clutter-Be-Gone Writing Desk Wishes --- D. D. Scott