Friday, August 14, 2009

Foot, Electronic Device...Spider

Okay, so I bought one of those electronic spider repellent thingies. Supposedly you plug it into the wall and spiders be-gone. Since I do not like spiders...make that I am terrified of spiders...I bought one. It's plugged into the wall in the hallway of the lower level of my bi-level home (right outside the bathroom that I use). It's been in the wall now for a couple of months.

So far, I've had hundreds of tiny newly hatched spiders invade my bathroom sink. Now, these were so small that without my glasses they looked like specks of pepper. Those I managed to kill by washing them all down the drain...over a period of several days.

I also killed one of those spindly spider, kind of like a granddaddy long legs, that made a web in the corner of the bathroom. No, make that two.

I also killed a small spider lurking in the corner behind my toilet bowl cleaner thingie.

Hmm, so does it work or not? At least no huge big black hairy spiders have appeared.

However, this morning I walked downstairs to find a rather large brownish weird spider waiting for me...right in front of the electronic spider device. I stopped and stared, daring it to charge me. It stood ground on the battlefield.

I stared, it stared. No one moved. Not wanting it to hear, I formed a silent battle plan. I am sooooo much bigger than you, ugly guy. My foot is so huge it can squash you into nothingness. Yeah, I know you can move fast, maybe even run up my leg before I can squash you. But, I'm mightier! I can do this. Ready? One, two, three! I move one inch closer. Spider doesn't. I move another inch closer. Spider holds his ground. I lift my foot and produce a huge intimidating shadow over the beast. Spider is not intimidated.

Wham! My foot meets the target. I press, I wiggle, I prevail! Spider is dead. Spider didn't even try to get away. Why? Did that electronic thingie render it paralyzed or something?

Sigh. I will never know. But if I remove the thingie, bigger beasts may come forth.

By the way, I woke hubby to clean off the battlefield. I don't do dead bodies.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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