Monday, October 26, 2009

All About Zeke and Girly Books

I had an interesting converstion with one of the senior managers at my work on Friday. Everyone is aware that my last day of work is December 31. Most know that I'm a writer. But, this man, I'll call him Zeke for the sake of annonymity, seems to be fascinated with that aspect of my life.

Zeke stopped in and asked: "Have you ever written one of those girly books about falling in love?"

Me: "Sure. That's what I write. I write romance books. Actually, romantic suspense."

Zeke: "Have you written a book where the girl and guy fall in love and then they lose each other, and get back together?"

Me: "Sure."

Zeke: "My wife reads those kinds of books. So, do you base your characters on people that you know?"

Me: (Thinking if he's wondering if I've used people I work with) "No, not really. I might sometimes use pieces of someone's personality or perhaps I've seen a stranger who looks interesting and I use a bit of description based on that person."

Zeke: "That's interesting. Have you ever killed someone in a book?"

Me: "Yes."

Zeke: "Have you ever had a woman kill a man in a book?"

Me: "No, not yet anyway."

So I proceeded to tell him the premise of my first book, thinking the psychic bond between sisters who can communicate despite one being dead, might give him something to think about.

Zeke: "Where do you get your plot ideas?"

Me: "Sometimes a person, or an interaction with a person, triggers something that turns into a different scene in my head. From there I develop a plot line. It's all created in my head first before I put it on paper."

Zeke: "That's very interesting."

Luckily, the telephone rang just then.

I may have to include Zeke in my next book. **grin** But today, I believe I'll take my three books to him and ask if he'd like to buy them for his wife. **evil grin**

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