Friday, October 23, 2009

What's Not to Love About an Unexpected Gift

My best friend is a gift from God. We met at a local writer's group and when I learned we lived close, we began to ride together to the meetings. We became so close during those times spent in the car. Our friendship grew and soon we were sharing much more than writing. We share stories about our past, stories about family, about the things that are deep within our hearts. We support each other through email when we can't be together face to face. I love her dearly and I know the feeling is mutual. One day when we met for lunch, she handed me a bag. "This is just something that I had to give you."

Inside were two desk ornaments. Both have a beautiful 3-D rose embedded inside, deep red against dark green leaves in clear acryllic. One piece is a heart shaped paperweight. Beside the rose are the words: "My Friend. Of all God's gifts, great and small, our friendship is the best of all!" The other piece is like an open book that stands upright. One side has two roses identical to the one in the paperweight. The opposite side says: "Special Friends. There's a warmth and joy that never ends between the hearts of special friends."

I realize these are material things. But when I see them I feel her love reaching out to me, reminding me that I'm special to her. She's a part of my heart.

What's not to love about having a special friend who gives the unexpected gift of friendship?

May your life be blessed by special friends.

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