Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My husband is known as paa-paa to our grandchildren. He has deep-set dark brown eyes and a deep voice. Add that he's as hairy as an ape and you have a frightening picture to a little child. It's amusing to watch little ones we don't know when they catch a glimpse of my big teddy-bear man. They stare openly, turning their head when he looks at them, but eventually they have to grin back at him. I guess his warm heart can be viewed from inside that big barrel chest in the eyes of a child.

I'm enclosing one of my favorite pics taken during a Sunday afternoon gathering when the little ones were playing in the backyard kiddy pool. Our three year old grand-daughter had climbed up on Paa-Paa's lap, wet suit and all.

Now take that smile and share it with someone else today!

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