Friday, December 11, 2009

What's Not to Love About Rocks?

What's not to love about rocks?

Many people see shapes in clouds. Me? I see shapes in all kinds of things. For instance, I can stare at the marbled tile floor in our main bathroom and see all kinds of faces and shapes. They change daily.

And rocks! When I look at rocks I see all kinds of animals take shape. My fingers itch to paint the rocks into that image. The other day, I brought home a small rock that looks just like a fish. It is rounded in just the right places and thing and narrower where the tail should be. When I retire, I'm sure I'll find time to go back to my love of bringing rocks to life.

Take time to look around you at all the little things. You just might see something you've been missing. 

Have a wonderful day and I hope you find something to love!

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