Monday, December 14, 2009

Debate of the Alpha vs Beta Hero

Writers are faced with the challenge of creating the perfect hero for their romance books. Years ago, when I began reading romance, the hero always had a "bad boy" image. I loved the pirate books, where the innocent heroine wound up on the pirate ship and became the lover of the big bad pirate. I also loved the gothic romances where the heroine would wind up in a mansion and fall in love with the angst-ridden hero, who could be a killer.

As the years have passed, romance has taken a change of direction. The heroine is no longer a damsel in distress waiting to be saved. She's grown up. Now, she's stronger and makes decisions (good or bad) without needing approval from a man. This poses the problem of who the hero should be. Should he be a typical bad boy, should he be angst-ridden, or should he be confident and caring at the same time?

I like to write heros who are strong in their own right, but aren't demanding and dictatorial. I like my heros to have a flaw. I also like them to not be afraid to show their emotions. If the hero doesn't show his emotions, how can the reader relate to him? How can the reader root for him?

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