Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Angels with Snow Shovels

The snow continued through yesterday adding another two to three inches to the nearly ten inches we received on Monday. Though I shoveled early on Monday, we were pretty much snowed in. With the possibility that I might need to take hubby to the VA clinic, looking at all that snow seemed a very daunting task.

Our son-in-law called and told me not to shovel out, that he would come and take care of it for us. And, he volunteered to take us in the truck should we have to go to VA. So, we waited and watched the snowfall, television and waited for the VA clinic to call.

In the early afternoon, our son-in-law called again. We still hadn't heard from VA, so he said their family would be coming over to shovel for us. When you are snowed in, getting a visit from your family is really something to smile about!

However, before they arrived, I looked out the window and saw a tiny lady wielding a snow shovel on our driveway! It was our new neighbor. Then I realized that her husband was also helping. They had shoveled the walk in front of our house and were working on digging out the driveway where it met the street. By the time our family arrived, we had been dug out. We've never had such wonderful neighbors. She said they didn't mind doing it for us and if we needed anything to let them know.

Angels with snow shovels is certainly something worth smiling about. God sends angels to us every day. We just don't always see their wings.

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