Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cats and Warm Mattresses

A couple of years ago, we purchased a new latex foam mattress. We'd slept on a waveless water bed (prescribed by my chiropractor) for a number of years prior. The salesperson told us that most customers moving from water beds to regular beds preferred the latex foam. We tried the sleep number and the tempurpedic, and kept returning to the latex foam. What we didn't realize was how the pillow top mattress designed to deflect body heat in summer and reflect in winter (now how can an inaminate object do this?) would actually be so warm in the winter.

Crawling between the sheets, I would freeze...for about a minute. Then everywhere that my body touched, the mattress warmed around me. Nice.

My cats discovered this right away. Sometimes it's hard to remove them from the bed so that we can go to sleep. And the spots where they lay? Talk about warm!!!

Wilbur, my very fuzzy cat, has discovered that when displaced, if he looks at me long enough with his big pleading eye, can get me to raise the covers so he can slip between the sheet, too. He crawls to the bottom of the bed and snuggles around my legs. How he can stand being under all the covers like that I don't know. He's impossible to dislodge. If I want to change position, he's like an immovable tank. Sometimes he lays on his back with his legs bent and toes curled. Amazing.

But he does keep my feet nice and toasty!

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