Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Laughing My Way Through the Battlefield

This week I've been participating in Powerdraft with some of my local chapter mates. It's amazing the creativity that pops up and keeps us going. This month, somehow we got on the kick of our mentor being like a general leading her troops. This has expanded into a full blown accounting of the battles we've faced throughout the day. Each of us was given a role and mine was Chaplain. I guess I'm always the one trying to inspire everyone. Here's how funny this can be.

Yesterday I was hit with a sudden stomach upset in the middle of the day. I reported in that I had been taken ill by an enemy weapon and had to keep running to the bushes. My progress along the assigned mission had slowed. I did however take countermeasures by utilizing a fizzy med ration given by the medic and would do my best to go forward and conquer. Grenades were exploding all around me, but I kept dodging them the best I can. At the end of the day, I had moved forward ten pages, my uniform battle scarred and tattered, but safely reunited with the rest of the troops.

I only wish I could share some of the other things my fellow members reported. I spend a lot of time laughing, but checking in with the support group gave me reason to continue typing the pages and not looking back at what I'd written. I completed ten pages by early evening despite feeling sick.

If I hadn't been involved with my Powerdraft group, I might have just given up and spent the day laying in bed. Now that's something to be proud of and something to smile about.

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