Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Naturally Grumpy Morning Person

I always TRY to start my day with a smile, but I'm not the nicest person when I first get out of bed. I don't drink coffee, I'm just naturally sluggish and close-lipped. This morning was no different.

I woke up stumbled my way to the bathroom noticing a foul odor. I kept sniffing myself wondering what dead creature had crawled into bed with me last night. The odor didn't go away. Finally, I made my way to the kitchen to get a drink. There sat hubby, all bright and awake, listening to the radio. And the odor was really strong.  No, it wasn't him! He'd just brewed a pot of coffee. What he calls coffee does not smell good to me. It's a columbian roast that smells like something burning. Ugh!

So, to get away from it all, I put my coat and gloves on over my pj's, stuffed my feet in ny heavy boots, and headed outdoors to feed the feral cats. My wonderful son-in-law came by last night to shovel our driveway and walks, so I expected to have an easy time of it. BUT, last night another two inches of snow had fallen. I thumped my way to the back yard, took care of the animals, and thumped back to the carport to grab the snow shovel. Yep, I shoveled everything again. At least it was light fluffy snow, not the heavy, wet, kind.

By the time I came back in, I was awake and energized. There's something good about being out in the cold weather and exercising that is exhilarating.

Now, instead of feeling grumpy, I'm ready to take a shower and face the day...with a smile!

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Marianne Arkins said...

LOL...maybe you should start every day with some exercise? *G*

Carol Ann said...

Absolutely! No coffee for this gal, just exercise.