Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Sunny Sky Today

I had hoped to share a view of beautiful sunshine sparkling across the snow and glistening through the icicles this morning. However, I'm looking out at a very gray sky. A slight wind is blowing, just enough to occassionally move a leaf dead leaf, hanging by a small grip to the once beautiful knock-out rose bush.

The rose bush completely hides my view of the neighbor's house. Instead the beautiful plant which graces my view with bright blooms lasting well into the fall now is coated and encrusted with piles of frozen snow and huge icicles.

As the snow slowly melted off the roof during the last sunny day, it turned into spears of ice so large I'd be afraid to walk in the garden for fear of being gravely injured. As these melted slowly, they dripped to the rose bush forming another formidable mass.

I think today my choice will be to remain inside since the roads are still snow and ice-covered...and so is my car.

This has been a long, long winter.

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