Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dreams Can Be Exhausting

I woke at 6:00 this morning and decided it was just too early to roll out of bed. So I closed my eyes and willed myself back to sleep. Have you ever done that? Do you have weird dreams during that time?

Geesh. I had a collage of weird dreams. First, I was driving home from who knows where and I kept taking the wrong turns. I couldn't get home! Then the dream sedged into me sitting in a parking lot and trying to figure out how many miles an hour I had driven. 300??? Um, whatever!!!

Then, the dream changed again and I was in a hallway and I passed a man. I realized I'd taken a wrong turn and then I heard him coming after me! I ran and ran and hit a dead end with only one door. It was a woman's bathroom. I ran inside and locked myself in a stall, only to realize there was no toilet to stand on. It was like a blank empty cell. I heard the man slam into the room, and...miracle...he didn't find me! After a few minutes of racing heart, I snuck out again.

Now, I was in a room with a bunch of men and they were trying to hide the fact that they'd been embezzling money from the company. Evidently, I was supposed to be one of them. I managed to carry off the charade and a big stack of receipts. When they weren't looking, I ran with them. I entered the accounting office and had the women help me to hide the goods in the bathroom. But they had to find a way to sneak me out to my car so I could escape.

Good thing I woke up! I'm so tired right now, I just may have to go take a nap to get through the day...

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