Thursday, March 18, 2010

Momentary Escape

Looking out my window gives me many different views. A couple of days ago, I was sitting here enjoying the sunshine when I spotted something that immediately revved my radar to alert. Two men, wearing dark clothing, hoodies pulled up, and bright yellow vests with orange bands sauntered up the street. Not walked--sauntered. Their clothing screamed of the "community service" people brought from local lock-up to clean the streets of debris. But they didn't carry the tools to pick up discarded trash, and no trash bags. My gut told me to be cautious.

So, I ran to the front door, opened the screen and stuck my head outside to see where they would go. They continued to saunter up the street, heads perusing the homes. About that time, my hubby yelled, "The cat!"...which is the alert that Templeton is trying to escape. So, I pulled the screen door toward me, catching Templeton by the hips. He wiggled to get out the door and I kept pressure against him, while I grabbed his tail and yanked him back inside. Not exactly a nice thing to do, but if he got out the door, I would have to chase him barefooted and in nothing but my oversize white terry robe. Not a pretty sight.

Cat saved, the men had disappeared. So I shut and locked the front door. I just knew those men didn't belong in our neighborhood. I headed back to my office. Twenty minutes later, I looked out to see a yellow bus passing by with the words..."community training program"  on the side. Behind the bus was another one identical, followed by a light blue van with a flashing yellow light. Yep, bet they were searching for those two men who thought community service meant casing the neighborhood.

Amazing what one can see through their window. My gut instinct has been proved correct again.

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