Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Write It

I read a lot of writing blogs. Experts are always giving advice on what to do and what not to do. I see all the rules that will make my books the next bestseller. I know that I need to grab the reader from the very first paragraph, from the very first sentence. I know that I need to incorporate the five senses. I know I shouldn't use the word "that." (Ha! Thought you had me, didn't you?) I know should write what I know. I know the sequence to follow: beginning - intro characters and establish goal; middle - plots, subplots, problems, conflict, tension; ending - black moment when all looks lost; climax - when the final clash happens, followed by the happily ever after (in the case of romance).

If you are a writer, you've read all these things, too. And, you're probably as confused as I am sometimes. HOW do you remember to do all these things...and, gasp, how do you accomplish them? You know what needs to be done...but how do you actually DO it?

Let me ease your overload and fears. First, just write the book. Don't get hung up on what you should do or what you shouldn't do. You are a storyteller. Tell your story. Just let the words flow from your head, your heart, your fingertips. Don't stop along the way. Don't go back and read that first chapter over and over again. Don't revise. Just write. After you reach the end, you will have done what you set out to do. You will have written your book.

The time for looking at the "rules" and all those vague things you know you should do is after that first draft. Use the writing tools to edit your words and make them come to life on the page. Look at each scene and incorporate the five senses where you can, use description to paint the setting, the emotions, and ramp up the tension. Remove unneccessary words like "that." Take out unnecessary "ly" adverbs, overdone adjectives. Vary the length of your sentences. Use your thesauras to find new words to spice up old overrused nouns and verbs.

But, trust me. If you don't throw out the rules when you are writing, you'll never get that book written.

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