Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Normal...or Not???

Being a writer, I like to observe people and especially to listen to how people talk to each other to help my dialogue be believable. However...

Sunday, while having breakfast, two twenty-something guys were seated in the booth behind mine. Since they talked quite loudly, I couldn't help but overhear most of their conversation.

They began talking about the "night before." I'll call them "big guy" and "little guy".

Big guy said, "You're slurring your words."

Little guy: Laugh. "I'm still hung over. I don't remember much about how I got home, but I don't think I threw up."

Big guy: "You danced last night."

Little guy:  "I did?"

Big guy: "Yeah, you were really funny. You know that dancing baby on the internet. You looked just like that."

Little guy: More laughter. "I can't believe I danced. I know I had a good time. At least what I can remember."

Big guy: "My sister thought you were hilarious."

Little guy: "You ever seen her naked?"

Big guy: "My sister!!! No way!"

Little guy: "Can I?"

Big guy: "You'll have to ask her husband that. He's six foot four and built like a football player."

Food arrives.

Little guy: "We thought you'd forgotten us."

A short spell of quiet.

Big guy: "Where'd you get those flip-flops."

Little guy: "I love these flip-flops. I love flip-flops, period. They're so comfortable. I wear them in the shower and around the pool, too."

Big guy: "How long you had them?"

Little guy: "I've had them about  a year and a half. These are my favorite ones."

Big guy: "I'm always looking for good flip-flops. Love them."

Little guy: "You should go to T. J. Maxx. I found these for nine bucks."

Big guy: "They're great."


Okay, so if I were to put this into a book, I think my readers would toss it in the trash. No one I know believes that guys talk about shoes! Besides, what kind of hero would big guy and little guy make?

Hope their conversation made you smile. It sure made me smile.

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