Thursday, April 08, 2010

Like Surprises in Easter Baskets....

As I looked through my kitchen window, I saw my old friend, Boots. He'd been missing from the crowd at breakfast time for nearly a week. Since all the ferals have been neutered/spayed, they don't stray away, nor do they stay away for more than an hour or so. Consequently, I worried that something had happened to him. Boots and I have a special bond. He has always had ear mites, and I try to treat them, but when he feels the meds in his ear, he runs away and then he's shy from me. He's also allergic to fleas. Imagine an outdoor cat who is allergic to fleas! I had managed to put some meds on the back of his neck to treat the fleas, and a couple of days later he disappeared. Now he'd come back.

I stepped outside to take a few pictures. Boots' ears looked pretty clear! I wonder if the meds for fleas had also helped the ear mites. One can be hopeful. The scars on his side and back seem to be healing from the flea bites. I managed to get this closeup of his face. Isn't he cute?

I took a snapshot at the bottom of the steps at the plum tree across the pond. It's in full bloom. Our weather has been unseasonably warm, so all the flora and fauna are saying hello to the sunshine.

Behond the plum tree is our wisteria tree. It is full of budding leaves. I hope we have a good set of blossoms this year. They are so gorgeous. Like huge bunches of lavendar grapes. The tree does draw a lot of bees, but the beautiful plumage makes it well worth dodging a few buzzing insects.

Next I panned down to the grass beside the swing. I found two of our ferals snuggled down in the grass, just like surprises in Easter baskets. Hmm, I guess I need to get the lawn mower out and start cutting the grass. Hope I can do better with it this year than last. The mower is self-propelled and very hard for me to control. I'd get a smaller electric one, but I don't think hubby would approve. He's still hopeful that he won't need to be on oxygen forever, and I'm not ready to burst that bubble.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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