Monday, April 05, 2010

A High School Reunion -- Revisited

Recently my publisher sent out a call for submissions for their line about older, I mean those who graduated high school in 1985. So, I thought, why not give it a whirl? In high school, I was a nobody. Not one of the "in" crowd, not one of the "bad" crowd, just one of the girls who went to school, did their homework, and never participated in outside activities. Most people didn't know my name--only a few close friends, also part of the "nobody" crowd.

I've attended high school reunions, and nothing changed. The cheerleaders and football players continue to remain a tight clique, so tight, in fact, that no one could sit at their table. They still looked down on everyone else.

After the last reunion, I decided never to attend another. So, when I joined the discussion group to talk about the new series, I was amazed to find a group of writers who were claiming dibs on the "in" crowd. Homecoming queens and kings, star athletes, cheerleaders, bad boys...

My character, I decided, would be a nobody. In fact, I don't even intend for my "nobody" to actually attend the reunion. She has nothing to prove to anyone, nor does she have any need to subject herself to the scrutiny of those who never knew her to begin with.

Funny, how a little thing like this can bring back memories. Nothing ever changes, does it?

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