Monday, April 12, 2010

I LOVE My New Kindle!!!

I treated myself to a Kindle. It arrived on Friday, and I anxiously opened the box. First thing I appreciated was that it had been set up for me to instantly connect to Amazon to purchase books. How cool is that!!

According to the directions, I would be able to connect to my computer and upload my personal pdf files. Hmmm. So, where was the USB cord to do that? I looked through the manual (which is on the Kindle, how neat this that?) and realized the plug for charging the battery had the usb cable plugged into it! Wow!!! I've never seen anything like this.

Of course, I had to test this out. Sure enough, I uploaded a pdf file of one of my books into the Kindle. Instantly. Just a click and drag. Too easy...but there it was! I opened it and, voila!

So, next I had to test out downloading a book from Amazon. I decided to treat myself to two of my books which had the rights reverted back to me on Saturday. It's amazing how quickly the book appeared in my Kindle!

I also purchased a writing help book and then browsed through the "free" books and downloaded one from an author I like. The only thing I didn't like was the "free" book had definitely been condensed. It was a very quick read, but enjoyable. Hey, and it was free!

I love the idea that I can have up to 1500 books on this thin, lightweight device. And I love having the choice of changing fonts to an easy reading for my eyes. My hubby is happy because now I can stop purchasing hard back and paper back books. Why? Um, well, you should see my house. I can't bear to part with a single book. Now, I won't have to!

The only question I have is "why did I wait so long?"

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