Monday, April 19, 2010

I've Found a New Use for My Kindle

I have found a perfect way to edit my manuscript. Since I can load pdf files to my Kindle, I can save my work as pdf and upload it to my ereader. Why, you ask?

Reading and editing my work on paper is cumbersome. My printer isn't made to spit out multiple pages quickly. It's time consuming, and expensive. Plus, I find it frustrating to work with the huge stack of paper.

Reading and editing on my computer is a bit easier than doing it on paper. I can make changes as I go, but...I just can't get lost in the story. I find myself wanting to change words, and if I don't use track changes, I may change one word over and over again in multiple edits.

Why I love editing on my Kindle is that I find I can actually read the story like any other book. It feels like other books and I get caught up in the characters and story. BUT, when something is wrong, it stands out. Then, I can use the note feature of my Kindle to write a short editing note. When I'm finished, then I use my Kindle to go to all the notes I've made and then make the edits directly into my computer.

This works for reading through the first draft really well. I catch plot problems, time line problems, and areas that need beefed up.

And for the final read through, it's wonderful. If I can get caught up in the story and the characters and enjoy the writing, then I feel I've done all I can do.

Editing on the Kindle is enjoyable for me and I've never enjoyed editing before. So, if like me, you are having a problem with editing, you might find this an alternative way of tackling the necessary job.

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