Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Tale of the Missing Squirrel -- Eeeeew

On Thursday, I purchased some weed killer and painstakingly walked around the yard both front and back to spray the dreaded dandelions. I swear we have some that are so big they can only be classified as giant mutant monster dandelions!! I've never seen any that large before! Of course, hubby couldn't get out much last year to weed and with me working, well, I think they decided to take hold in the back garden areas. But I digress.

While walking the perimeter of the yard, I found a squirrel, dead. It was next to the wood partitioning off the lilacs, azalias, and rose of sharon. Ick. Evidently the cats had caught it foraging in the bushes. They "murdered" it by slashing it's throat. I quickly side-stepped, told the cats who were sitting on their haunches watching my progress that they were very bad. (Although none of them seemed interested in the dead creature).

I forgot to tell hubby about it until it had turned dark. Since I had to work on Friday morning, he promised to go outside and get rid of the dead animal while I was away. I came home to find him with a "cute purple" throw-away glove on his hand. He said he was getting ready to go outside and get rid of the squirrel. I figured it must really be in a "state" after 16 hours. So I gathered some old newspapers to wrap it in and then we planned to put it in a plastic tie bag.

The two of us foraged outdoors squirrel!!!

Nothing. Not even a sign of fur.  Now mind you if animals (say cats) had eaten it, there would have been remnants left. But the entire carcass had disappeared.

I'm not sure what really happened to it, but of course, hubby thinks I imagined it. NOT!
I just hope I don't stumble across it again. Do squirrels turn into vampires? Or zombies?

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Anonymous said...

It might - Behold A zombie squirrel on the loose!!