Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sifting Through Memories, I Found....

Rummaging through my pics this morning, I happened upon a folder with these three pics. I still tear up when I gaze upon the faces of my two furry faithful friends. Both of our dear companions passed on within a year of each other. Katie, our collie lab, had become unable to maneuver the steps...and we live in a bi-level. We thought about putting her to sleep, but my dear hubby built an elevator on the back deck so we could "winch" her down to the yard. Katie would lay at the top of the steps and watch through the front door to see the world passing by. Sara, our gorgeous calico cat, would lay nearby. They were great companions.

The kids and I picked Katie out of a litter at a pet store. We decided on a big dog because my hubby had always loved big dogs. We wanted to surprise him. So we asked for a plain cardboard box and put Katie inside. Hubby was surprised, and the two became very close friends. He had so many nicknames for her. She'd follow him around the yard when he pruned and planted flowers or mowed the lawn. Katie loved to play with the grandkids. In fact, our second grandson learned to walk by holding on to Katies fur. She loved company and running in the back yard. Being a big dog, weighing in at 90 pounds, her voice grew quite loud as well. We taught her to "whisper" for a snack. Being companions with Sara, Katie learned to "purr." She'd rub against our legs and give her version of purring. She loved people food treats. My hubby would toss her tidbits which she'd catch in her mouth. He liked to tease her and pretend to toss something just to watch her snap at the air. One day he tossed her a piece of napkin...Katie ate it! Before she became unable to maneuver the steps, when a salesperson would show up at the door, I'd take hold of her collar and we'd walk down to greet the unwelcome stranger. I pretended to have to hold Katie back, so when I said "No, thanks," the salesperson hightailed it away with no further protest. Truth is, she would have loved to get to them for some petting. Now salespeople linger and question my "No, thanks." Katie loved Halloween. Seeing all the kids in costumes come to the door gave her great pleasure. Most of the children wanted to come in and pet her, some were afraid. Katie didn't understand why anyone would be afraid of her. She thought she was a small lap puppy, or cat. I still miss my dear friend.

When I picked Sara out of the available kittens in the pet store, it was her gorgeous green eyes that drew me. I couldn't resist her. Hubby, on the other hand, said she was an ugly cat. But he quickly changed his mind (though I'd remind him of that statement over the years). Sara slept with us every night. She'd find a spot between the two of us and when I found it hard to fall asleep, she'd purr and purr until I relaxed and dozed off. Sara didn't enjoy visitors like Katie did. She would run off and hide until the company left, especially little kids. Sara was a quiet, gentle cat with a peaceful aura. She didn't like noise and disruption. But she loved to play with mice dangled on elastic strings secured to the door. We had to watch her closely though because one time she managed to get herself completely caught up in the elastic and we were afraid she'd choke herself. At nighttime hubby would call Sara and say "Time for bed!" Sara would trot on her short little legs and follow him down the hall and onto the bed. As age took her agility, we put a footstool at the end of the bed to enable her to climb to the mattress.
Though they are both gone now, we remember them, and hold their memories close to our hearts.

Thanks for stopping by to share a moment of warm memories with me.

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