Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smile at My Expense...

There's nothing worse than waking up and knowing you are supposed to blog and your mind is blank. Especially when the blog is supposed to "start your day with a smile." I can't think of a single thing to smile about this morning.

My eye is burning because it was watering and I wiped the moisture away with the finger I'd just spread face cream with. Ugh.

I read my horoscope and it said to accomplish brainstorming in the morning which would go especially well, but in the afternoon there would be a clash of egos. Well, I plan to meet a friend for lunch, so that will be the good brainstorming, but I'm not looking forward to coming home and clashing egos with my husband. This seems to be a common thing since he's feeling better. At least, I'll be spending more time down in my office to avoid the nitpicking.

Our neighbor put top soil down in the bare spots of their lawn. Our feral cats were happy. They look at is a new potty areas. I'm embarrassed, but don't know how to stop this. Worse, the cats seem to want to leave their mess uncovered for all to enjoy.

I've killed two spiders in the house this week. I do NOT like spiders. The wonderful plug in that is supposed to rid the house of all spiders doesn't seem to work that way. Instead it immobilizes the spiders who sit and wait for me to smash them. At least I'm not as afraid of them as I used to be since they don't run away.

The name of my dentist group is Smile Makers. Okay, so why to they have to numb me with a huge needle first? And then, when I try to smile, my face becomes a grotesque mask.

So, now you know why I can't think of anything to write about that will start your day with a smile. Of course, some of our greatest comedy moments are laughing at other people's pain and mistakes. Maybe I've accomplished my goal after all.

Hope you have a day full of smiles! Thanks for stopping by.

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