Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wimpy Woman Tackles Outdoor Monsters

I've always been a wimpy woman when it comes to yard work. But, since my retirement, and warm weather, I've become the major caregiver for our yard. Over the years, my hubby has landscaped the yard with huge bushes, beautiful trees, a pond, knock-out rose bushes, butterfly bushes...and so much more. Me? I don't do yard work. I always took care of the house, the laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, balancing the indoor assignments. Now, he can no longer handle the yard work due to his lung disease. So...I just can't let all his hard work fall apart. I've invested in yard gloves, a new electric mower, lawn fertilizer, weed killer, and I've been working hard...under his supervision. This is the view from the top step of our deck. As you can see the wisteria tree is at its most beautiful in full bloom. You can see some blooms on the lilac bush to the right. The ornamental grass beside the pond needed to be trimmed down as you can see from this picture taken on Saturday. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon whacking away and hopefully it will grow up again and be pretty. I also fertilized the lawn and treated all the dandelions. Ugh. They seem to be taking over this year.

Aren't these wisteria blooms gorgeous? I can't tell you how much I love this addition to our back yard. So much prettier than the climatis which doesn't seem to bloom as fully as in years past. But, unfortunately, the blooms will be mostly gone by this coming weekend. The tree then will be a green umbrella for the rest of the year.

I don't like bugs and spiders, so wearing yard gloves helps. I'm probably going to start wearing long sleeves when I do pruning though. My arms are always very itchy for hours after working on the bushes.

I'm actually enjoying doing the yard work. I love being outside in the sunshine after spending years in an office with no windows. But, don't tell my hubby. He feels very frustrated that he can't do these things any longer. My answer to him was: You know you've always wanted the chance to tell me what to do. So, sit back, have fun and enjoy reaping the benefits.

Thanks for visiting my back yard today!

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