Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dreams and Castles in the Sky

Today I'm thinking of how much different my life is in reality than what I'd dreamed of as a child. Remember when you sat beneath a tree and let your mind wander to all the glorious things the future would hold? Remember wishing you could be a Princess or a Prince? Even today, sometimes I close my eyes and imagine a different future. I believe that's why romance is and always has been a great selling genre. People want to escape into a fantasy world where there is a happily ever after. Here's a poem I wrote a few years ago about the difference between our dreams and reality.

I dreamed of castles in the sky,
Gleaming turrets standing high.
Protected by a prince so fair,
Deep blue eyes and golden hair.
We'd ride on steeds across the lands,
And walk through fields while holding hands.
I never dreamed of endless chores,
I only dreamed of distant shores.
I never dreamed of baby cries,
I only dreamed of crystal skies.
I never dreamed of sleepless nights,
I only dreamed of soaring flights.
I never dreamed of growing old,
Of aches and pains, of chilling cold.
But we build our castles, you and I,
Upon the ground, not in the sky.
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