Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More, Better, Bigger...

I woke to another cloudy day, but looking out my office window I see one perfect beautiful red rosebud. Just beyond that I see buds on the orange rosebush. Wow. There is no flower more beautiful than a rose, just opening its petals to the world. It's amazing how fast all the plants have grown with the rain and warm weather. Our Hostas are huge. It seemed one morning the leaves were just poking from the soil and two days later they were growing so fast I could almost see it!

While sifting through some old pictures, I got lost in how quickly my children have grown. From tiny babies with fat chubby bellies to beautiful grown women and men. Time passes so quickly and so many times we fail to grasp the special moments in our lives. When I gaze at the pictures of my ancestors I try to picture what was going on in their minds at the time. The clothing was different, the hairstyles were different, even the poses were different. Yet, I believe their thoughts were the same as ours are today. The world around us changes with the times, but people remain the same. Inside we are all fragile.

I have always had a fascination with the life of the Native American Indians. They lived a different lifestyle. No, I'm not talking about living in tents, but more about the respect they had for our land and for their own. Their elders were respected and revered. In our world today, people toss trash from their car windows with no respect for the land. Old people struggle to get health care and medication, and are forgotten by the families they raised.

Sometimes changes in the world are not for the better. We forget about people in our quest for more, better, bigger...

And, on that word, I think I'll stop. Thanks for visiting today!

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