Monday, May 10, 2010

What a Morning...Calgon Take me Away

Well, it's been an exciting morning. We woke to hubby's oxygen concentrator alarm. I thought it was the water bottle (which provides humidity in the lines) since it was low. I shut off the unit, filled the bottle, but then the alarm light started flashing. We tried all the troubleshooting suggestions, but it continues to flash. The supplier is sending out a new unit today.

I'm a little behind in doing all my morning chores! Poor outdoor kitties must think they aren't getting fed today.   *grin*

I took the weekend off of writing, but since it's Monday, I must get my word count in. The weather isn't nice enough to sit outside on the deck, so that's a bummer. But I may take my laptop upstairs for a change of scenery.

Egads! Hubby just called and the alarm was going off on the concentrator. I shut it off and hooked him up to his emergency tank, but then it wasn't working. Finally, found the problem. Whew. He is now getting oxygen again.

I think I've had enough emergencies for the day.  Now to go get dressed and feed those cats...

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