Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yes, YES, YES!!!!!!!!

Quote for the Day: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thus, my subject title was filled with enthusiasm!!

What I'm reading: The Inheritance by Pamela Thibodeaux

News for the Day:  Next week, my website will have a brand new look!

Today's Picture: Feeding the Ferals

Today is the monthly meeting for Central Ohio Fiction Writers (COFW). We meet in local libraries each month. Our group has grown to nearly 100 writers! When I first began writing in 2001, I thought I was the only person in the area who sought such an elusive career. I believe most writers start in a vacuum. It's a lonely venture, because writers need time away from the world to become creative and weave words into vast worlds of adventure.

When I learned about Romance Writers of America and then the sub chapters, one being COFW, I was so excited! Imagine! I could hook up with other people crazy enough to be writing. Becoming a member of a writing group is essential to a budding author. The bonding with other like souls is priceless. And, with the diverse group, there is endless information to be gained...and support. Support is the best thing we can find for ourselves in every walk of life, but an integral need for a writer.

Friends and family don't get it. They know you write and what they ask, if you aren't yet published, is "Is your book published yet?" And if you are already published, the question is "When is your next book coming out?" How do you explain the publishing business to someone who doesn't have a clue? Trust me, it's hard. So, you need the support of other writers who suffer the same thing. Commisseration is priceless. When I leave our writing meetings, I'm so pumped up that I can't wait to get home and sit at the computer.

So, I'm off to do what I love to do...with enthusiasm, just as Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

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