Monday, May 17, 2010

Stop Looking Over My Shoulder!!

Quote for the Day: You must be unintimidated by your own thoughts because if you write with someone looking over your shoulder, you'll never write. ~ Nikki Giovanni

What I'm Reading: The Inheritance by Pamela Thibodeaux

Picture for the Day:

My talented hubby built this wishing well for our church prayer garden in memory of one of our friends who passed away unexpectedly. My hubby does not use patterns. He designs in his head and then created with his hands. I do not look over his shoulder while he's working, but I check in on his progress which makes him very happy. He loves to explain and he can look at the unfinished work and visualize the wonderful finished product.

When I write, I don't like anyone checking in with me. It makes me uncomfortable. And interruptions pull me out of the story and it's hard to get back in. I need quiet and solitude to perfect my craft of writing. Sometimes my inner critic comes to call and if I allow that voice to continue whispering in my head, I'm apt to just walk away and give up. So, I've learned to push that voice out of the way and not allow it to take control. Some days that's harder than others!

Before my mother passed away, she would let me read my finished chapter to her aloud. She loved having someone read to her, and I've found reading aloud is the easiest way to spot problems with sentence structure, cadence, and dialogue believability. I miss her. Somehow reading aloud to myself just isn't the same.

So, how do you handle your inner critic looking over your shoulder? Do you have any unique ways of handling interruptions? Do you read your work aloud to anyone?

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