Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thank Goodness for Laptops

Word for the Day: Stormy

What I'm Reading: Cup of Joe, by Teri Wilson

Picture for the Day:

My hubby reading my first published novel.

Yesterday, we began working on putting a ring of red castle stones around the trees in our front yard. We found them on sale and purchased 88 of them. Talk about heavy dead weight! Those suckers weigh nearly 19 pounds each. Since hubby can't lift them (or rather shouldn't be lifting them), I took them out of the truck and put on a hand dolly to cart them four at a time to the area where he laid them. We finished one complete row and began stacking the second level before giving up for the day. Then about an hour later the storms began.

This morning it's still dark and stormy. Windy, thunder. Hmmm. So, my muscles get a reprieve today!

I'm planning on taking my laptop upstairs and writing most of the day. Wish I had one of those batteries that last longer than an hour. *sigh* Stormy days are great for creating darker scenes. Maybe I'll write the last chapter today.

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