Thursday, July 22, 2010

Believable Romance, Believable Characters

As a writer, I'm also an avid reader. My bookshelves are lined with books of all genres, some romances of old. You know what I'm talking about...the so-called "bodice rippers" where the poor beautiful and well endowed heroine is at the mercy of a pirate captain but ultimately falls in love with him. Or some other equally inane plot, with the same sex scenes. Perhaps that was considered "romance" years ago. I also believe that's why romance is snubbed by many as being trash.

Real romance happens every day. People fall in love and get married. These people may not be the "beautiful couple" depicted on the covers of romance novels. But they have been on a journey of finding their soul mate.

I love books portraying ordinary people, in extraordinary circumstances, who find true love. It's the sigh when I read the last word that makes me want to read the book again. Love. Romance. Happiness.

I just finished reading Colleen Coble's Rocky Harbor series. I loved the characters and their journeys to finding love, the adventure, the suspense, and the wonderful dogs. I sighed at the end.

Have you read any great romance books lately?

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