Monday, July 19, 2010

Blank Screen Syndrome

Have you formed any habits regarding your writing? Sometimes we form them without planning. For instance, when I worked a day job, I carried my laptop and wrote during my lunch hour and breaks. Years of utilizing this way to write transpired to a form of writer's block when I made writing my day-time job.

Now, I had the time to write, a nice big widescreen monitor and spacious desk. However, I found myself staring at a blank screen. Nothing intimidates like a blank screen, fingers on place over the keyboard, and your mind unable to conjure any words. I'd find myself thinking "what should come next?" I tried to sketch the scene on paper, but it didn't transpire to new pages on that huge monitor.


The answer lay in formed habits. For years, my home office desk and computer had been for promoting, emails, blogging, Facebook, paying bills, etc. It wasn't for "writing." My laptop had become my writing tool of choice.

The answer for me? I set up a small area for my laptop and writing tools. Once I began using my laptop, the words began to flow again.

We are such creatures of habit. We begin establishing habits when we are young and continue all through our lives. Making writing a habit is necessary for any writer. It must be part of your day, every day. I realize my habits are not those of anyone else, but sharing what I discovered may benefit someone else who is suffering from "blank screen syndrome."

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